Google Marketing Live, organized by Google, is by far the most important annual event of the digital marketing scene, with the participation of 5000 professionals from 68 countries.

Google Marketing Live 2019

Talking about Google, we can only express ourselves in billions. Gmail is used by 1.5 billion users monthly, and Android is running on more than 2 billion devices, making it the most widely used operating system in the world. And the story stretches further with Google Maps, Google Drive or the Chrome browser opened by billions every day.

Reports tell that 2.5 billion individuals updated their personal data in their Google accounts in 2018, indicating a minimum of this much active users.

And there is one number that still exceeds this volume: Google’s revenue, reaching 136 billion U.S. dollars, a 26 billion step forward from the last fiscal year. YouTube, originally acquired for 1.65 billion dollars, is now estimated to worth 160 billion. But how does a company achieve such high numbers, what factors maintain the growth, how can it constantly renew itself and its achievements?

This report about the Google Marketing Live 2019 conference in San Francisco comes from Krisztián Dunder, the co-founder and CEO of the CEE-focused digital marketing agency, Growww Digital.

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