Content Marketing

Communication about brands, products, services is essential for all companies.

Good content is the key to efficient communication. In order to gain trust and convince potential customers, partners or employees, deliberate and high quality content is a must – in the form of blog posts, videos, e-books etc.

Growww Digital’s Content Marketing Department designs and creates content that are surely reaching the specified goals: they entertain, inform, support sales or increase the time spent on the site.

Why Growww Digital is the best choice?

Results first: we know how to match content and marketing aspects of a project. We cover the entire process from strategy planning, content creation and publication to analysing results.

With years of experience in media, our content producers can work on a wide variety of topics for distinct audiences, in different style and tone. We are familiar with many content types and formats, from blog posts to whitepaper.

We are data-driven: when designing and creating content we take into consideration what internet users are searching for. We serve the audience best this way, and we also increase the traffic from search engines with this approach.

Acting as a regional marketing agency in Central and Eastern Europe, we can deliver content in many languages like Hungarian, Slovenian, Serbian, Croatian, Slovak, Czech, Romanian and English.

Designing and implementing integrated campaigns in multiple languages

Combining Content Marketing with Growww Digital’s expertise in PPC, SEO and Social Media Communications result in complex, regional solutions and integrated campaigns in multiple languages.

Growww Digital – Content Marketing Services

Consulting and planning

Defining goals is everything: counselling helps to decide what kind of content to produce to whom, where and when to publish it. If needed we check the existing content and online presence, strengths and development opportunities. Thanks to our SEO and PPC experts, all this is backed up with keywords and analysis.

Channel building

Development of new external and internal communication channels or even renewal of the old ones can be challenging but we are here to help with planning, counselling and execution.

Content production

Delivery of the content planned in the desired quantity, quality, format, style and tone are important part of content marketing activity.

Content management

Publishing, timing, correcting content and managing reactions on different channels are also part of our services.

Publishing in media

Thanks to our extensive press relations it is also possible to publish the created content in popular media platforms.

Our other services

performance marketing

Management of ROI+
online marketing campaigns

For our beloved clients we manage online marketing campaigns in the ever-growing digital marketing world including but not limited to Google Ads and Facebook advertising.

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social media management

High-end content creation and management

Our social media services aim to create a uniquely collaborative culture in order to grow your e-commerce business or develop your brand within the CEE region.

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