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Why choose Growww Digital’s Social Media & Brand Communications service?

Data and ROI-driven approach

Statistics and emotional marketing walk hand in hand at Growww Digital. Our primary concern is to deliver the relevant messages to the appropriate target audience in the most efficient way.

Broad expertise

Besides e-commerce projects, we have gained extensive experience in other industries as well, such as Healthcare, FMCG, Beauty and Fashion.

Innovative senior team

Each team member has 5+ years of relevant work experience and regards every single project as a challenge for making the most out of their skills and creativity.

A wide spectrum of services

We cover every aspect of successful social media and brand communication: competitive analysis, strategy development, organic and PPC campaigns, corporate design, content creation and management, localisation, market entry strategy etc.

Export marketing services

We can help you in expanding to foreign markets. We operate in the CEE region with native speaker specialists but have also managed social media marketing projects in German and English-speaking countries.

Multi-platform knowledge

We elaborate an integrated social media strategy along with your goals and then build up the communications process on the required platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn or TikTok.

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What to expect working with us

Your brand is going to develop dramatically, fostering income growth too. We implement a step-by-step trust and loyalty-building brand communication process based on the predefined goals, growing your follower base and strengthening brand loyalty. If your primary intention is to increase sales, we utilise social commerce to get the highest returns possible.

The process of our Social Media & Brand Communications service

1. Planning

Defining the goals, strategy and key performance indicators

2. Launch

Starting organic communication and launching specific campaigns

3. Monitoring and Performing Fixes

Continuously monitoring the communications process and fine-tuning the necessary elements and settings

4. Assessment

Evaluation and reporting every month, detecting problems and recommending solutions

5. Making changes

Making adjustments and modifications where necessary or required, launching new campaigns, testing and evaluating performance

What we deliver

We harness the power of social media communication on an efficient, data-driven basis to achieve your business goals.

We do our utmost to deliver your brand’s message to the hearts of the users in the best way possible. Building an emotional bond in the first place is the most effective approach for communicating your tactical or promotional offers to your followers who will first become buyers and later turn into loyal customers.

In case your main concern is building a brand, we’ll show the unique values and features of your brand and products to a wide audience with the help of our innovative communications methods.

What’s included in Growww Digital’s Social Media & Brand Communications service?

Strategic planning, consultation, social media management

Content and campaign management

Community management

Visual design, content creation

Reporting, analytics and audit

Social commerce

Tactical campaigns, ads management

Running contests and sweepstakes

Grow your community.

With great results.

Success stories

Out of the blue: a pandemic and an increased demand


A new player appeared in Hungary: the market leader in the Czech Republic,, expanded its operations to Hungary under not long before lockdown restrictions were introduced as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.


The online grocery store,, entering Hungary at the beginning of 2020, faced a serious challenge because of dramatically increased demand and limited working conditions as the coronavirus pandemic hit the country—a new consumer segment, COVID Customer Audience, appeared having special characteristics that needed high-quality service from all aspects such as logistics, client service and communications.

Approach and solution

The emergence of the new buyer persona required a new strategy including a strong Facebook focus with 50+ organic posts and 10+ stories per month for the brand, health and environmentally conscious target groups. The basic strategy, built around local values, was expanded with 3 new key principles: transparency, humanity and proactivity.


The Facebook follower base rose organically to nearly 20,000 from scratch, brand awareness and trust strengthened significantly along with the increasing number of orders and their average shopping cart value, driven by social media communications.

We are proud that we managed to achieve the status for being the only online supermarket that received an overall positive rating on several trusted websites (, etc.) for its communications activities during the pandemic. Brand values were introduced in such a way that achieved a love brand status in Hungary in a mere 3-4 months.

Daikin Hungary

Making of the temperature map of Hungary 
How we overperformed the expected goals 5x with an integrated campaign

Campaign goal

Collecting email addresses of people that plan to install an air conditioner in their homes.

Approach and solution

We ran a sweepstake in which the users marked on a map which county they lived in and entered the ideal room temperature for their living space. They could participate in the prize draw by giving their email address. The main prize was a Daikin air conditioner. 


The initially defined campaign goals, based on results of the previous years, were met during the 2nd week of the 8-week campaign period. By the end of the 8th week, the desired results were overperformed 5 times thanks to an integrated campaign comprising social media marketing, performance marketing, content marketing and influencer marketing.

Additional services we can help you with

On top of brand communication, or as a part of making it even more effective, we provide the following services:

               PPC Campaigns

Creating and managing ROI focused Google Ads, Shopping, Facebook or other PPC campaigns, even on a risk-sharing, success fee basis.

               Content Creation, Content Marketing

Relevant unique content paves the path to your customers by attracting a good number of new as well as returning visitors to your website. We provide planning, channel building, SEO-friendly content production, content management and publishing in media.

               Search Engine Optimisation

Professional SEO for your website based on complex technical and content-related aspects to enjoy traffic and income from organic traffic in the long run.

               Price Comparison Campaign Optimisation

Having a rich experience in optimising price comparison campaigns, we utilise special software tools for bidding to get the best results possible.

               Growth Analysis and Workshop

After elaborating a comprehensive business analysis, during a 3-5 hour workshop with the client, we define the goals to be met realistically, based on the given digital marketing budget.

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Frequently asked questions about our Social Media & Brand Communications service

How can a brand-building project bring financial returns?

Organic social media communication is not about direct selling, but about supporting sales activities. Return on investment can be seen in the long run as a result of successful awareness, trust, relationship and loyalty-building efforts, which all contribute to increasing organic visitor numbers as well as broadening your loyal customer base.

Which industries are you most familiar with?

We’ve gained experience in several sectors and we have particularly high professional competence in e-commerce, FMCG, healthcare, cosmetics, beauty, construction, home decor and B2B communication.

Can you help us with social media marketing in other countries as well?

Yes, we operate in several countries in the CEE region having a deep knowledge of the Slovak, Czech, Romanian, Serbian, Polish, Croatian and Hungarian markets and we also have run projects in French, Spanish, German and English-speaking countries.

I have serious brand-building plans and wouldn’t risk assigning even minor tasks to junior staff members. Can you deal with that?

100% yes: we only work with seniors having 5+ years of professional experience, thus offering premium quality service for your brand development and business growth.

I’ve heard that videos are becoming very popular in social media. Can you help with creating such content?

Yes, we can develop ideas and produce video content in a way that they will finely resonate with your target audience.

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