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Growth Analysis and Workshop: your path to success

Every business investment has its risks. It’s no child’s play to spend a yearly marketing budget wisely, therefore it is worth planning carefully how you will use it.
However, you cannot do it without first estimating the chances for reaching the predefined goals. Ignoring this aspect equals to flying blind and hoping that you are managing the money the right way.

We can help you

We will show you the path to take by outlining a realistic strategy, including the tools, the budget and the process, to achieve or even surpass your goals.

This path is called Growww Digital Growth Analysis and Workshop.

„An idiot with a plan can beat a genius without a plan.”

Warren Buffett

What will you get from our Growth Analysis and Workshop service?


After ordering the service, you will know in 3 weeks time whether your present marketing plan will help to bring the desired results or how it should be optimised to fulfil your growth expectations.

Helping you with market analysis

We make a market research estimating the online demand for your product or service.

Calculating ROI

We estimate the size of investment needed across the different marketing channels to meet the desired business and profitability goals.

Action plan

After the research process, we elaborate a customised digital marketing action plan, which we discuss together during a dedicated workshop session.

How our Growth Analysis and Workshop service works?

1. Providing initial information

First of all, you send us your product or service description, your business plan, marketing plan, growth objectives and information about your competitors, target audience and market positioning.

2. Comprehensive analysis

Our senior team puts approx. 30-50 hours of work into the preparation of market analysis, market sizing, growth validation and marketing plan for the specified digital marketing channels (website, sales channels, brand development, social media, keywords, advertising campaigns, search engine optimisation etc.).

3. Assessment and preparation

Our expert team evaluates the results of the analysis and gets prepared for the workshop.

4. Workshop

The 3-5 hour Growth Workshop takes place at an agreed time and date at which the client and the Growww Digital team get together and discuss the analysis, the recommendations and set a number of realistic growth objectives. The client's team receives the thorough analysis and recommendations which become their own business asset.

5. Action plan

At the end of the workshop session, we talk about the implementations and further steps to be taken, which we deliver in the form of an action plan.

If you would like to put the presented strategy and business plan into action with our cooperation, we will be happy to give you a helping hand. Should you choose us to do the job for you, we will include a major part of the workshop fee in our execution costs; simply put, if you wish to continue the project with us, you get our Growth Analysis and Workshop service at a fraction of the original price.

How much does the Growth Analysis and Workshop service cost?

Our price depends on the complexity of the project. It’s probably best to request a quote totally free of charge and obligations right away.

Why choose Growww Digital?

Broad expertise in nearly all fields of online marketing (performance marketing, social media, brand communication and brand building, SEO, email marketing).

International experience and a solid position in the Central and Eastern European region.

Innovative and creative senior team.

Unique approach and specialised knowledge in terms of market validation and feasibility for digital marketing plans.

Effective cooperation with the client's team.

How can we help in growing your business?

We provide a range of digital marketing and sales services.

PPC Campaigns

Creating and managing ROI focused Google Ads, Shopping, Facebook or other PPC campaigns, even on a risk-sharing, success fee basis.

Social Media Strategy and Campaign Management

We employ credible brand communication and trust building by harnessing the power of social media along different goals such as sales or lead generation, increasing follower numbers and relationship building.

Content Creation, Content Marketing

Relevant unique content paves the path to your customers by attracting a good number of new as well as returning visitors to your website. We provide planning, channel building, SEO-friendly content production, content management and publishing in media.

Price Comparison Campaign Optimisation

Having a rich experience in optimising price comparison campaigns, we utilise special software tools for bidding to get the best results possible.

Search Engine Optimisation

Professional SEO for your website on the basis of complex technical and content-related aspects to enjoy traffic and income from organic traffic in the long run.

Frequently asked questions about our Growth Analysis and Workshop service

What is the minimum budget size for which you believe this service is worth exploiting?

Such a complex analysis and workshop is generally recommended for projects running for one year. The threshold for the monthly digital marketing budget is approx. HUF500,000. If a project is smaller than that, it’s probably not worth the initial investment in the service with such a scope.

Can you provide the service for foreign markets as well?

Yes. If we need to serve an international client team, we prepare all the documentation in English and run the workshop in English.

How long will it take to prepare the new strategy? When can we launch our first campaigns?

After receiving all the necessary business information, we can schedule the workshop within 21 days, which, in the end, will very likely provide you with a thorough plan to follow together with realistic business goals. We can begin the execution in a few days after that (e.g. start the first PPC campaigns).

Shall we have a summary of the workshop, including the results and conclusions, which we can share with other decision makers?

Yes, we will prepare such a report upon request comprising the key elements for decision making purposes.

Are we entitled to share the documents with others? Can we assign the tasks to other contractors?

Yes. Having paid the service fee, the analysis, the recommendations and any other reports related to the project will be yours, which you can use in the future as you wish.

I have some cherished plans that I definitely want to follow through. Can there be any “mandatory strategies” in the project brief?

We respect any “pre-set” ideas or goals and will do our best to incorporate them into the recommended overall strategy. Please note, however, that we reserve the right to reflect on such plans and to propose modifications that we believe would achieve better results and enhance effectiveness.

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