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10+ years experience | Google Ads, Google Shopping, Facebook Ads | 20% off your Shopping spend | 9 experts | Google Premium Partner certification | 10 countries

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Why choose Growww Digital’s PPC Campaign Management Service?

Results-first growth approach

Results first, everything else come second! During the past 4 years, average year-on-year client growth reached 72% through channels managed by us (industry average is only approx. 15%).

10+ years experience

For over a decade, we have been serving clients in different sectors, primarily in ecommerce, and we have managed campaigns accross several channels, such as Google Ads, Google Shopping, Gmail Ads, Facebook Ads and LinkedIn Ads.

20% off your total Google Shopping spend

We were the first digital agency in the CEE region that developed their own Comparison Shopping Partner (CSP) licence,, offering clients a 20% discount on their Google Shopping ad spend. In 2020 we saved over €300k of Shopping spend for our CSS partners.

Google Shopping

We have been running Shopping campaigns successfully for 5 years in different countries. So far we have managed a total Google Shopping spend of over €1.5 million, with outstanding results which makes us the leading Shopping Ads agency in Hungary.

Success fee model

We believe in win-win cooperation during which both parties work towards a common goal. Our customised, performance-based pricing policy allows us to receive a large part of our fee as a success fee, which means we share the risk of the project with the client. Our participating team members also get a percentage of the success fee, therefore a sense of business ownership is present all across the execution process.

9 senior experts

Every PPC specialist in our team has a minimum of 5 years relevant experience and the latest professional Google certification.

Google certifications

We have been operating as a Google Premium Partner for a number of years, being the first company in Hungary that managed to earn all 5 certifications granted by Google.


We use our own, custom-developed advertising automation software, which makes it possible to capitalise on such PPC campaigns that normally, by applying manual work, would not be profitable.

Foreign markets

We operate in several countries in the CEE region managing both local and cross-border campaigns and also gained experience in Western European as well as North American markets. We have run 60 international projects during the last 7 years.

years experience

What to expect working with us

Growth. After discussing your business goals, we estimate what kind of results can be achieved realistically and create a strategy defining tactical steps accordingly.

The process of our PPC Campaign Management Service

1. Audit

First we conclude an audit and qualification to make sure that we are the best possible partner for meeting your growth objectives.

2. Settings

Performing account settings and fixes based on the audit.

3. Ads

Launching campaigns on the selected channels.

4. Monitoring

Continuous monitoring, strict in-house quality control: weekly audit of automated PPC processes via ROIminer, 3 checkpoints per week, weekly reports about the project.

5. Support

Tailored client support services, gathering and sharing ideas, presenting status reports and observing further opportunities if required.

What we deliver

Professional PPC solutions for the specified channels that will help you reach your sales and other conversion goals.


Since we are a super motivated and very experienced team, it is no surprise that throughout the past 4 years we have managed to accomplish a year-on-year average growth rate of 72% for our clients.

We are simply not happy with moderate success, we always want to achieve much more.

What’s included in Growww Digital’s PPC Campaign Management Service?

Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads campaign management

Google Shopping campaign management

20% discount on your Google Shopping spend utilising our own Comparison Shopping Service solution,, approved by Google

Preparing audits

Reporting and analysis

Professional consultation

ROI-driven online PPC campaigns

Additional services we can help you with

On top of PPC campaign management, or as a part of making it even more effective, we provide the following services:

We employ credible brand communication and trust building by harnessing the power of social media along different goals such as sales or lead generation, increasing follower numbers, relationship building.

Relevant unique content paves the path to your customers by attracting more and more new as well as returning visitors to your website. We provide planning, channel building, SEO-friendly content production, content management and publishing in media.

               Search Engine Optimisation

Professional SEO for your website based on complex technical and content-related aspects to enjoy traffic and income from organic traffic in the long run.

Having a rich experience in optimising price comparison campaigns, we utilise special software tools for bidding to get the best results possible.

               Growth Analysis and Workshop

After elaborating a comprehensive business analysis, during a 3-5 hour workshop with the client, we define the goals to be met realistically, based on the given digital marketing budget.

TokShop Case Study

The Power of Automation

How an online retailer increased its return on investment by 10% and also managed to save a lot of time.


Competition is extremely fierce on the market of mobile phone accessories. The different variables (e.g. time of day, device, ad copy) of TokShop’s 30,000 products can change even hour by hour, so PPC ad management is an extremely complex process.

Approach and solution

Growww Digital believed that smart bidding would be a proper solution and therefore we started testing it. In the end, using a combination of smart bidding, adding negative keywords, applying machine learning and grouping multiple campaigns together, led to great results.


After 6 months, return on ad spend (ROAS) improved by 10% while there was a 35% decrease of human labour time spent on optimisation. The saved capacity was used for further analysis and testing new features.

Frequently asked questions about our PPC Campaign Management Service

How soon can I see a return on my investment with PPC campaigns?

We can give you an estimate only after completing an audit which will provide a realistic figure of ROI for a given time period. In general, returns in the first 1-2 months will balance out initial costs and from then on the overall returns will surpass total costs—profit rates will vary according to competition and different market conditions.

How does the success fee model work?

On the basis of a unique agreement, we set the commission rate on the income of the campaigns managed by us. In such a case, we calculate lower fixed campaign management fees while taking a risk in the project.

I’d like to run campaigns internationally. Can you help?

Yes, certainly. If you’re thinking about expanding in the Central and Eastern European region, you’re at the right place: we operate in Hungary, Slovakia, Czechia, Romania and Serbia. Additionally, we have managed PPC campaigns in various other countries in Europe and North America.

How much money is it worth spending on Google Ads campaigns?

The real question is rather how large an initial cost your company can finance or how far your spending can go in terms of liquidity based on the profit rate. An audit or a thorough growth analysis will give you realistic figure about it.

What kind of growth can I expect from running price comparison campaigns?

This heavily depends on the nature of your business and the market conditions, which means that your online store’s sales increase can vary from 5% up to 40% per year. Generally speaking, you can expect much better results in sectors such as electronics and clothing than in office supplies or toys.

Time is running short. How long does it take to start a comprehensive PPC campaign?

It takes at least 1-2 weeks to build up a complete campaign structure and it can take up to 1-2 months by the time we can thoroughly harmonise all parts of your website. Afterwards, it is an ongoing task to optimise the campaigns including major structural changes based on our findings gained along the way. We can launch Shopping campaigns in a very short time, but it is proper optimisation that can make it or break it, which cannot be performed overnight.

What is the essence of Shopping CSS?

Very briefly: you can run Shopping Ads 20% cheaper if the service is provided by a partner with a licence for Google Comparison Shopping Service. We have it so you can start exploiting this great opportunity right away.

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