Social Media & Brand Communications

Integrated marketing campaign planning and execution

To develop a modern (ecommerce) business or brand reaching out to your audiences via multiple channels and enabling two-way communications are musts. This is what Social Media is all about. In Growww Digital Social Media and Brand Communications offer new perspectives and professional expertise to get the most out of the digital channels and to develop iconic international brands.

Why Growww Digital is the best choice?

We are innovative, result- and growth oriented, collaborative and creative.

Our experts are following the latest trends, using the newest, most popular functions and technologies. Acting like an in-house team we are offering creative and innovative solutions that meet and exceed your expectations.

Integrated marketing campaign planning and execution

Our high-end Social Media management, Content creation, Performance marketing and SEO services aim to create a uniquely collaborative culture in order to grow your (ecommerce) business or develop your brand through integrated marketing campaigns that cover the most important channels of the digital environment.

We link professional but human-oriented Social Media and Brand communications with the strength of sales campaigns carried out by the Performance marketing division. Our multilingual high-end services are available to implement and localize communications strategy in the countries within the CEE region.

Growww Digital – Social Media and Brand Communications services

Brand Communications

Strategic Consultation

Brand Communications strategy implementation and localization

Digital communications strategy planning and execution

One-off campaign and Ads management

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube Management

Business Page creation

Strategic planning and execution

Content management

Campaign and ads management

Communications and growth strategy

Community management

Visual design

Reporting, analytics and audit

Our other services

performance marketing

Management of ROI+
online marketing campaigns

For our beloved clients we manage online marketing campaigns in the ever-growing digital marketing world including but not limited to Google Ads and Facebook advertising.

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content marketing

Engaging and relevant
content for your audience

We create content that are surely reaching the specified goals: they entertain, inform, support sales or increase the time spent on the site.

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