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Why choose Growww Digital’s Search Engine Optimisation service?

A thorough check of your website

We check your website from A to Z both in terms of technical and content aspects and give you a full set of suggestions about how to make it SEO-friendly.<br /> We elaborate a customised SEO strategy based on search statistics and competitive analysis.

Reducing your Google Ads costs

Your Google Ads spend can be lower if your website is properly optimised since Google gives a higher quality score to SEO and user-friendly websites, „rewarding” the effort put into optimisation.<br /> However, on top of SEO, we care about other aspects as well: we deal with every project with a comprehensive online marketing approach, thus, if necessary, our content marketing and social media management divisions will give a helping hand in achieving your marketing goals.

Following the trends

Our digital world is changing rapidly. If a company reacts too late, competitors get ahead, so new opportunities will be missed.<br /> We keep up with domestic and foreign market developments all the time so that our partners can be among the first to utilise the latest technologies and Growww Digital's up-to-date expertise.

The most important result: growth

Since we started, our business has been growing steadily and our clients have also expanded at a rate far surpassing the market average. As we have solid expertise in all fields of online marketing, we handle each assignment with special care while discovering new opportunities for our clients to achieve success.

The process

First of all, you need to know that SEO will not bring serious results immediately. They will start appearing after several months, in the mid and long term.

Why? Because it takes time for users and Google to assess and appreciate the positive changes and developments that have been made.


a thorough audit for content and technical issues including suggestions for fixes

Competitive Analysis

analysing SEO strategies of competitors and outlining breakout paths to be detailed in the SEO strategy

Keyword Research

defining relevant keywords that can be targeted with success

Creating an SEO strategy

elaborating a solid SEO strategy according to the goals and budget

Action Plan

setting up the timeline comprising tasks, responsibilities and deadlines

Continuous Cooperation

delivering reports, analyses and developments based on the agreed schedule as well as setting new goals and action plans

What we deliver

We help to develop your website in terms of technical parameters and content so that it will bring you more visitors and customers organically.

Competition in the online business scene is getting tougher and tougher. Those who do not invest in developing their websites and making them more SEO-friendly or fail to keep up with the trends, sooner or later will suffer a serious loss of market share.

This process has become so complicated that it is no longer possible to achieve better search engine optimisation results just by changing a few settings or performing some “tricks”.

But don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place!

Our experts will help you to increase organic visitor and customer numbers so that your competitors will face a really tough market player: you.

What’s included in Growww Digital’s SEO service?

Content and Technical SEO Audit

A complete website check, detecting errors and flaws, including a prioritised list of defects and recommendations for fixes to be made. (Advising on content development, checking meta tags, head tags, pagination and other elements. | Checking index settings e.g. sitemap, internal links, http status, mixed content, duplication, redirect issues. | Checking page speed, recommendations for optimising long pages, detecting broken links etc.)

Keyword Research

Whether it is a news portal or an e-commerce store with thousands of products, we run software aided research to select relevant keywords that have the most potential for achieving outstanding results.

Competitive Analysis

Having the right positioning for your company can be a sharp edge against your competitors. For this reason, you need to be aware of the marketing and SEO strategies that they use. Their strengths, weaknesses and untapped opportunities will show you the possible paths to take for moving ahead.

SEO Consultation and Strategy

Having set your goals, we outline an SEO strategy that meets your business needs.

Implementing Technical SEO Tasks

If required, we will perform fixes, mentioned in the audit, together with your developer team.

Content SEO

We will improve and set the content elements described in the audit, either independently or collaborating with the developers.


Checking, reporting and archiving search engine ranking results on an ongoing basis at the agreed time intervals.

Want to have better Google rankings?

Don’t even dream about it if technical and content elements are a mess. So the first step is creating a comprehensive SEO audit.

Additional services we can help you with

On top of SEO, or as a part of making it even more effective, we provide the following services:

              Content Creation, Content Marketing

Relevant unique content paves the path to your customers by attracting a good number of new as well as returning visitors to your website. We provide planning, channel building, publishing in media, SEO-friendly content production and management.

              PPC Campaigns

Creating and managing ROI focused Google Ads, Shopping, Facebook or other PPC campaigns, even on a risk-sharing, success fee basis.

              Social Media Strategy and Campaign Management

We employ credible brand communication and trust-building by harnessing the power of social media along with different goals such as sales or lead generation, increasing follower numbers and relationship building.

Számlázz.hu Case Study

If Google doesn’t see it…

…your content stays invisible


Számlázz.hu created a lot of valuable content for many years. However, a part of this, for some mysterious reason, was blocked from Google search robots.


Approach and solution

An initial analysis revealed what types of content were blocked and in the next step we examined the possible causes that may have caused the issue. Since the nature of the problem was rather uncommon, it took some time to find out that one of the plugins was blocking the robots.



After we disabled the plugin, several hundreds of existing pieces of content could be indexed by Google, which resulted in a sudden increase in organic traffic that has been flowing in steadily since then.

Frequently asked questions about search engine optimisation

The audit, the necessary fixes and content creation cost a good amount of time and money. Are they really worth it?

If you need to have good Google ranking positions for a good number of relevant keywords that will keep driving profits in the future, the answer is: YES, definitely. You need to see that it is a mid or long term marketing investment.

Isn’t it enough to concentrate on a few, highly relevant keywords that I regard as crucial?

No. Firstly, they are very likely quite difficult, highly competitive keywords and thus it takes a lot of time to succeed in ranking well for them. Secondly, they aren’t necessarily the only important keywords—it is well worth the effort to examine the organic search behaviour and traffic of the whole market and exploit further possibilities, e.g. targeting easier keywords that are less competitive, having smaller search volumes separately (long-tail keywords), can bring good combined results.

Why should we write blog posts and create content? What does it have to do with SEO?

Great content can attract loads of visitors, many of whom will become returning visitors turning into loyal customers. Trust can be won with relevant content providing value in the first place. Of course, it is wise to deliver all pieces of content in an SEO-friendly way so that they will be ranked higher by search engines.

I think my website loads quite fast. I see no problem here.

Page speed is critical for users and therefore it is critical for Google too: if load times are longer than 2-3 seconds on a mobile device, you’ve got a problem. It’s worth achieving the best page speed possible—just imagine, you have some competitors offering the same products with very similar website features, settings and user experience to yours, but are just a little faster. Google will rank all of them higher.

Why should I care about URLs? No-one reads them.

Well, Google does check it as it is one of the ranking factors. Therefore it’s worth setting it properly based on category and product names, keywords or attributes.

All I want is to have better Google rankings. Isn’t there some simple technique for that?

We may adjust only adjust a few critical settings and your website starts ranking amazingly, however, it has only a little chance and, even if that happens, it won’t be enough in the long run. Search engine optimization needs expert knowledge, including a complex approach and special competencies, because it has now become a serious challenge to achieve higher rankings for years to come.

Our website system does not support making changes and fixes. What should we do?

Such a situation needs proper consideration. If it turns out that there are some serious issues and no improvements are taking place, the website will virtually disappear from relevant Google search results. In some cases, several basic developments can be enough to tackle the majority of the problems. Another option may be to migrate the website to a new platform that will better serve SEO requirements, but may also provide better user experience, conversion rates, analytics features, plugin options or invoicing and payments software integrations. As we have many years of experience with several website systems (e.g. e-commerce sites, news portals, blogging sites), we’ll be happy to assist you in the decision making process.

I want an SEO-friendly website and better Google rankings.

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