Marketing automation and lead scoring


Automated lead generation and sales process optimisation to sustainably increase your sales volume.

Sounds great. Let's automate!

What is the essence of sales process automation?


Our lead scoring method optimises the sales process by utilising the power of marketing automation.


We drive users to lead generation pages and, after they have provided their data, we can follow their behaviour on the website and send them relevant e-mails and offer them content accordingly along the lead nurturing process.

Finally, the leads that have reached a certain score, may be handed over to the sales team so that they can be converted to satisfied loyal customers.

Why choose Growww Digital’s marketing automation service?

Unique lead scoring method

First, we consider the unique characteristics, opportunities and objectives of your company and then we elaborate a tailored marketing automation strategy and recommend a suitable system that can best serve your needs.

Broad expertise

We have successfully implemented our marketing automation approach with a good number of firms, industries and target groups, based on sophisticated measurements of consumer behaviour and carefully targeted, effective communication.

Senior team

All our specialists have a relevant work experience of 5+ years.

International expansion

We can help you with marketing automation in foreign markets as well, with special regard to the CEE region.

Working with multiple email marketing systems

Based on our unbiased expert insight, we’ll recommend an email marketing solution and strategy that we believe would best match your business needs and goals.

years experience

Benefits of automated lead scoring:

  • After the prospect has given his or her email address, only a minimal amount of human labour is required to nurture the lead further.
  • We use a sophisticated analytical approach throughout the whole lead scoring process for measuring and assessing user behaviour regarding your website and emails.
  • Leads that achieved different levels of qualification receive different types of email at predefined times via the automated system.

Every email type targets the relevant customer group, thus the unsubscribe rate falls considerably.

The process of our marketing automation service

1. Audit

Examination of the existing newsletter software or email marketing system according to the defined goals.

2. Strategic recommendation

Recommendations for settings and implementation of the new system. Creating an email communications strategy including technical and content elements.

3. Launch and monitoring

Starting marketing automation and monitoring the process on an ongoing basis, performing full scale operations if required.

4. Assessment

Monthly assessment, creating reports, detecting problems and recommending solutions.

5. Making changes

Performing the necessary changes and updates as well as fine-tuning tasks.

What’s included in Growww Digital’s marketing automation service?

Strategic planning, consultation

Setting-up and managing the chosen email marketing system

Writing emails

Creating emails in HTML

Graphic design

Creating lead capture pages and pop-up panels

Preparing statistics and reports

I want to automate and develop my lead scoring process.

Additional services we can help you with

On top of our retention marketing service, or as a part of making it even more effective, we provide the following services:

               PPC Campaigns

Creating and managing ROI focused Google Ads, Shopping, Facebook, TikTok or other PPC campaigns, even on a risk-sharing, success fee basis.

               Content creation, content marketing

Relevant unique content paves the path to your customers by attracting a good number of new as well as returning visitors to your website. We provide planning, channel building, SEO-friendly content production, content management and publishing in media.

We employ credible brand communication and trust building by harnessing the power of social media along different goals such as sales or lead generation, increasing follower numbers and relationship building.

              Search Engine Optimisation

Professional SEO for your website on the basis of complex technical and content-related aspects to enjoy traffic and income from organic traffic in the long run.

Having a rich experience in optimising price comparison campaigns, we utilise special software tools for bidding to get the best results possible.

              Growth Analysis and Workshop

After elaborating a comprehensive business analysis (30-50 working hours dedicated), during a 3-5 hour workshop with the client, we define the goals to be met realistically, based on the given digital marketing budget.

Frequently asked questions about our marketing automation service

Which automation software solutions include lead scoring?

Most marketing automation solutions are capable of scoring and categorising leads, but different types offer different features and possibilities. If you’re stuck choosing which one to go with, we’re here to help you. 

How much do these tools cost approximately?

There is a wide price range: from one hundred euros to several thousands of euros on a yearly basis. On the one hand, there are some extremely sophisticated marketing automation “beasts” and on the other hand, you can choose from relatively simple newsletter tools. Your costs can also vary based on some additional factors, e.g. database size, number of emails or campaigns etc.

What is the simplest method for lead generation?

The basic goal is to drive traffic to the specific page where users can give their details. This can be achieved either by paid ads (PPC) that redirect the user to a landing page or a sign-up panel on your website (e.g. in the sidebar or as a popup message). A lot depends on how you ask your audience to provide their details, such as what you offer in return, how and when you show your sign-up message etc. If you need any help in this respect, our expert team will be happy to help you.

How much human labour can I save by using an automated lead scoring system?

This depends on a number of factors, e.g. the size of your business, the size and category structure of the database, the content and structure of your website etc. In broad terms, we can say that the human work for lead generation and nurturing can be reduced by 20-80% after the implementation of an automated lead scoring system—thus the freed-up capacity can be used for additional value generation or process optimisation.

Which regulations do I have to comply with in terms of data protection and online privacy?

For counties in the European Union, this topic is quite complex and providing an improper privacy policy can have serious legal risks. We are not counsellors at law, but, as we have worked on a number of different projects, we may point out some critical issues after having looked at your privacy policy. You can then discuss these with your lawyer to make sure everything is addressed properly from a legal point of view.

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