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Up to 40% of your income can be generated by price comparison websites. It’s really worth utilising them

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Why choose Growww Digital’s Price Comparison Campaign Optimisation service?

Broad expertise and unmatched experience

Return-on-investment approach for each campaign

We detect flaws quickly with live accounts and optimise bids and processes right away

When creating a new account, we give a helping hand with settings and product feed and then launch campaigns as soon as possible

We use special software tools (e.g. Beed) for achieving the best results

We are open to working on a risk-sharing success fee basis

We can optimise your price comparison campaigns on different platforms in different countries, especially in the CEE region

What to expect working with us?

You will spend your money on price comparison campaigns effectively.

The process of our Price Comparison Campaign Optimisation service

1. Audit

Checking the account and creating an audit to find out what kind of goals can be met realistically.

2. Settings

Performing fixes and adjusting system, campaign and bidding settings, installing optimisation software.

3. Ads

Launching advertising campaigns with the aim to achieve top positions in search results.

4. Monitoring

3 in-house checkpoints are implemented every week during campaign periods and making monthly reports for the client.

5. Support

Continuous customised support with a proactive attitude, presenting new ideas and recommendations whenever needed.

árösszehasonlító optimalizálás

What we deliver

We run unique, professional price comparison campaigns for your products in order to enhance your online store traffic and income.

You’ll never get to know the real potential of price comparison campaign optimisation unless you start testing it or hire a pro team to do it for you.

We’ll help you to minimise your risk: early on, the audit is going to reveal what kind of results can be achieved realistically and, additionally, if we work on the basis of a success fee agreement, we are highly motivated to meet the defined goals.

What’s included in Growww Digital’s Price Comparison Campaign Optimisation service?

Preparing an audit, providing advisory services

Optimising system settings

Adjusting product settings

Categorising within the price comparison system

Managing and optimising price comparison campaigns

Managing price comparison campaigns in foreign markets (using the Heureka system in Czechia and Slovakia), working with other systems in other countries if required

Price comparison campaigns focusing on ROI

Success Story

Reflexshop: increasing income by 117%

We started our cooperation with Reflexshop, an online creative toy and board game store, at the beginning of 2019, providing a package of online marketing services. Price comparison campaign optimisation proved to be a powerful “hidden weapon”…



Having optimised several marketing channels and processes and exploited them to the fullest, we felt there was still some untapped opportunity lying in price comparison campaign optimisation. We just needed to look deeper into it.


Approach and solution

We integrated Beed and optimised bidding processes, product category settings and scaling. After a thorough investigation, we realised that we may boost results further by featuring out-of-stock products as well.



After testing, our approach proved to be very successful:

  • efficiency (ROAS) rose by 29%,
  • visitor numbers increased by 141%,
  • income increased by 117%.

(Compared to same period in the previous year.)

Additional services we can help you with

On top of price comparison campaign optimisation, or as a part of making it even more effective, we provide the following services:

Content Creation, Content Marketing

Relevant unique content paves the path to your customers by attracting a good number of new as well as returning visitors to your website. We provide planning, channel building, SEO-friendly content production, content management and publishing in media.

PPC Campaigns

Creating and managing ROI focused Google Ads, Shopping, Facebook or other PPC campaigns, even on a risk-sharing, success fee basis.

Social Media Strategy and Campaign Management

We employ credible brand communication and trust building by harnessing the power of social media along different goals such as sales or lead generation, increasing follower numbers, relationship building.

Search Engine Optimisation

Professional SEO for your website on the basis of complex technical and content-related aspects to enjoy traffic and income from organic traffic in the long run.

Growth Analysis and Workshop

After elaborating a comprehensive business analysis, during a 3-5 hour workshop with the client, we define the goals to be met realistically based on the given digital marketing budget.

Frequently asked questions about our Price Comparison Campaign Optimisation service

Which product types perform outstandingly?

Generally speaking, these are mostly electronics (e.g. TVs, computers, home appliances, mobile phones, digital cameras), clothes and sports equipment. If your ecommerce business is related to these, it’s critical to capitalise on price comparison platforms. Of course, it’s still well worth asking for some advice on how price comparison marketing can increase your income if you deal with other product types.

What kind of results can I expect?

Without having a look at your e-commerce business, we cannot give you an answer. However, based on our experience, it can be said that generally 5–40% of your overall sales volume can be driven by price comparison websites.

How does the success fee model work?

Basically, we get a commission on the sales margin of every product sold through the price comparison campaigns managed by us. This is a win-win cooperation in which we share both risks and successes.

I want to run price comparison campaigns abroad. Can you handle that?

Yes. We’ve managed price comparison campaigns in several countries including Czechia, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria and we have the necessary expertise to help you to enter, after some preparation, basically any market around the world since these systems work similarly in all regions.

I’ve no time to lose. I need results as soon as possible. Can you help?

You’ll see relevant results even in 1-2 weeks if basic conditions are met, e.g. the appropriate product feed is available (this can be downloaded easily from most e-commerce store systems).

How much time does it take to optimise properly a price comparison site?

It can take several months until such a number of campaigns have been run and modifications and fixes have been performed that allows us to say that we managed to fully optimise the system and the campaigns perform the best way possible.

What can Beed do?

Beed was developed by Dataweps to automate bidding on price comparison websites. It continuously monitors the campaigns, click-throughs, profit / loss making ads and automatically changes the offers and removes poorly performing ads while promoting good performers. Of course, this doesn’t mean that there’s no need for human intervention. Simply put: the system, handled by experts, can bring you a huge competitive edge.

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