Build your brand on TikTok. Start it now!

Probably the hottest social media platform in Hungary at the moment. Use it to outpace your competition.


Why TikTok?

It’s new and trending!

So far only a few players have discovered the fantastic possibilities lying ahead for business growth.

It’s spreading like wildfire – it already has more than 2 million users in Hungary.

A lot of users can be reached only through TikTok – they are neither on Facebook nor on Instagram.

TikTok users pay close attention to the content they consume and spend more time here than in other apps.

Not only for youngsters: 70% of all Hungarian users are older than 18 and 30% are aged over 35.

Now it’s your time to seize this amazing opportunity, achieve incredible results, and beat the competition. Yes, it’s definitely possible. We’ve seen it, we’ve done it.

What are TikTok ads good for?

Driving traffic

If you wish to drive traffic to a web page, e.g. product pages, landing pages, you can tag your products or services in your videos. It’s a great way to increase relevant traffic to your website.

Brand building

Your users watch your videos closely and are more open to ads. It’s especially true if your ads are creative, engaging, entertaining and provide some novelty or innovative idea. TikTok is very effective in meeting your brand awareness, brand affinity or product launch goals. Also, users generally have a high purchase or application download intent.

App installs

Campaigns that aim for new app installs or trials usually have outstanding results since the majority of TikTok users are enthusiastic about new applications and innovative technologies.

How to start advertising on TikTok?

At the moment, advertisers in Hungary can’t create their own TikTok Ads account nor can they add funds to it – this is possible only with the assistance of an approved marketing agency. Growww Digital is a licensed partner of TikTok, therefore we can help you to open an account and launch your campaigns that you can manage on your own later on.


We were among the first agencies in Hungary and the CEE region to start providing TikTok ads management services. With a solid background of 8+ years in Google Ads and Facebook Ads management, we know what we’re talking about.

And now we tell you this: it’s high time you launched your TikTok campaigns because they can bring you results you’ve never seen elsewhere.


Steps recommended:

  1. Contact us by filling in the short form.
  2. We talk about your goals and possibilities during a free consultation.
  3. After signing a contract, we create your TikTok Ads account and configure the necessary settings.
  4. We add the funds that you provide us with.
  5. You create your video content and manage your own ads.
  6. Alternatively, you assign us with professional campaign management, optimisation and reporting.
Let’s get started!

Prefer package offers? Choose from the following:

Open a TikTok Ads account

Create an ads account + upload data and set up account + add funds + handover of account admin access to the client

TikTok Ads management

Optimal allocation of advertising funds: we select the appropriate target group(s) + we upload the video ads (to be delivered by you) + we set the duration of the campaign + we configure the campaign settings + we create the campaign reports

TikTok Ads consultation

We give you a helping hand in campaign planning + campaign execution + campaign assessment + campaign optimisation (whichever is required)

I want to launch my TikTok campaigns

What kind of ads can I choose from?

Basically, there are 3 types of ads: takeover, bidding and creative ads.

  • The takeover type is best for fast and broad reach, e.g. for building awareness.
  • Bidding works great for ongoing brand promotion and reaching conversion goals, to be started with a minimal daily spend of €20.
  • Creative ads include innovative and interactive formats (e.g. hashtag challenge) that are perfect for promotions and contests.

FAQ about running TikTok ads

What is the minimal budget size?

For bidding campaigns, the minimal spend is €20 per day. Based on our experience, it’s recommended to spend at least €300-400 on a campaign so that you can see enough data for proper assessment as well as to be able to compare the results with the performance of campaigns run on other platforms.

What kinds of products or services ads bring outstanding results on TikTok?

You can expect exceptional performance in the following categories: fashion, beauty, computer and tabletop games, mobile apps and music.

Why can’t I create my own TikTok Ads account?

TikTok is in the build-up phase in the Central and Eastern European region. To be able to open a TikTok Ads account in Hungary, you need to co-operate with a licensed partner agency.

Can I see some examples for successful campaigns?

In Hungary, Retro Jeans’ “Joy Days” campaign in 2020 was so popular that the server capacity of the online store could not keep up with the increased traffic and there was an outage for several hours. As for international brands, Maybelline, NYX, CCC Poland, Converse, Sizeer, McDonald’s Germany and Mango Spain run campaigns regularly on TikTok.

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