E-mail Marketing & Marketing Automation

Professional email marketing that differentiates itself from classic mass-marketing

The weights of the online marketing are shifting towards personalized and segmented marketing. It is also becoming demanded through customers to have marketing messages that are individual to each and every one of them.

Acquiring customers is not the only goal anymore, marketing is involved throughout the whole Customer Journey from getting their attention through the conversion process to making the buyers coming back.

Designing the whole customer journey requires a great deal of effort and assets on behalf of the advertisers, and this is where marketing automation steps in. Classic e-mail marketing and automation methods have been around for some time already but only a very few advertisers make real use of their potential.

Automated e-mails, banners, information materials, possibilities are endless. But what can advertisers gain from all of this?

It works “on its own”

Without having to dedicate attention to these automated processes on a daily basis, they can save a lot of efforts (both money and time) and, in fact, make money on their own.

It makes resources reallocation possible

These resources can be utilized elsewhere in the company where they are more needed.

Competitive advantage

With the help of a professionally planned, automated marketing campaign it is possible to develop a larger customer base that is a competitive advantage against other players with significantly less investment.

Retention Marketing as part of customer care

Everyone is glad about acquiring new customers but it is just as happy when previous customers are coming back to you again! Nowadays merchants and advertisers tend to focus too much on acquiring new customers and they forget how important it is to keep and reactivate existing customers in the buying cycle.

This is where Retention Marketing comes into the picture: this branch of (online) marketing is used in order to keep bringing back previous customers to our stores. It is deeply connected to marketing automation as there is immense potential in customer reactivation, referencing and informing, discount campaigns and loyalty programs that both can be used as part of customer care.

Why Growww Digital is the best choice?

Growww Digital is an independent service provider when it comes to email marketing and marketing automation. We are not “tied” to any system, we do not have any exclusive partnership with one solution or another and this means we can recommend the best choice that is individually tailored to each of our clients. Client satisfaction is our priority and we thrive to build a partnership-based relationship with our clients but without any limitation or software dependence. What we offer:

Full service

Any solution from simple advising session through strategic planning to the complete management of marketing campaigns (even with unique designs, graphic elements, textual contents etc.)


Recommending the best solution considering size, company profile, budget, KPIs and more.


We are very well aware that our clients have the best information about its customers. That is why we always work with our clients and we are creating the best marketing strategy on equal terms, together, and with shared effort.


We have a proven experience in numerous automation systems and flow (welcome messages, discount campaigns, reactivation, cross-selling, upselling, event marketing, etc.).

Our goal is to create an email marketing or marketing automation strategy that is professional, individual, valid, up-to-date and personalized to the customers. Something that really differentiates itself from classic mass-marketing.

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