CEE Ecommerce Trends Report By Growww Digital

Time frame: 01-01-2020 - 06-08-2023 (updated weekly) Dataset based on 331 Google Ads audits ( We are currently working on the new, updated version of this report based on data from Google Analytics 4
and will be back with an update soon. )

What's Happening On The CEE Ecommerce Market?

We decided to go public with our internal data about the CEE ecommerce markets. Our goal is to continuously support the ecommerce decision makers by providing trends and insights about the markets in the region.

The hottest KPIs are definitely the investments into online marketing (advertising costs) and buying power (transactions & revenue). Find the aggregated data of 331 ROIminer.com/audit ecommerce ad account audits and of 177 ecommerce clients of Growww Digital.

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Marketing Investments

Marketing investments is definitely the top KPI to track. On the graph you can see the relative change of Google ads cost and CPC of ecommerce players.
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Google ads cost for ecommerce Google ads account segmented by countries: Czechia, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland and Romania
Google ads ad search and shopping impressions correlated with the market demand, clicks represent the traffic generated by the Google ads source.
The first 3 graphs’ numbers are based on on aggregated ROIminer audit data of 331 Google ad accounts. 1st week of Jan 2020 is the benchmark value of 100.

Market demand

Transactions and transaction value represents market demand for the goods that are available at the ecommerce players the data sample consists of.
Overall visits/sessions and conversion rate are the more detailed metrics for ecommerce revenue.
Graph 4-5: numbers based on aggregated Growww Digital agency portfolio data of 177 ecommerce accounts. 1st week of Jan 2020 is the benchmark value of 100.

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