Frequently Asked Questions

Growww Digital is a CEE focused digital marketing agency that brings tailored support for market-leader webshops, listing portals and transforms traditional midsize companies to the digital era.

What is the process of quoting?

Depending on the project, qualification can happen in one or more steps, in person, electronically or by phone. Based on the available information (brief, validations, etc.) an indicative offer is made. In rare cases – when the volume of the project is unknown -, a fix package based offer is made.

I have questions about terminology in the offer. Where can I go for information?

The General T&Cs is an inseparable part of the contract that lists and defines all related terminology required for the job. We make the T&Cs available to the future client before the contract is signed. For any further questions our account managers are more than happy to explain in more detail.

What discounts are available?

Our prices are not the lowest on the market and that’s not a coincidence: we thrive for the best possible service quality and customer satisfaction and therefore work with experienced, senior colleagues. Individual discounts are available in case of multiple services and long term cooperation, but our company mainly supports the upscaling of projects by taking some of the risk using our success fee based pricing model.

Can you guarantee growth?

The (growth) target we defined together, is influenced by the client, the agency as well as external factors. Naturally for all things in our control as an agency we take full responsibility. On the other hand, as we have no control of the full end-to-end process, we cannot offer 100% guarantee. At the same time it is important to note that in all of our projects we proactively seek growth opportunities and are happy to work in a success fee based model for growth projects taking over certain risks.

How is the success fee defined?

The success fee is always based on individual calculations and is considered a trade secret between the client and Growww Digital.

What’s the international background of Growww Digital?

The company was built from the very beginning to be able to provide a full value service in the whole CEE region. Our team of more than 20 people works in 6 countries, many speak the mother tongue of the given country and have thorough knowledge of the local market. Our colleagues are specialists in multi-country and multi-brand ecommerce performance marketing-management and brand communications as well. We provide a reliable one-stop-shop service in Hungarian, Slovak, Czech, Romanian, Serbian, Croatian and Slovenian.

Am I making the right decision working with Growww Digital?

We are a results focused company: it’s our primary objective that our clients are satisfied and meet their business targets. While in 2018 the average business growth in the CEE region was 15-20%, our clients have grown an average of 88% YoY in their business KPIs on those marketing channels that we manage. At the same time we are extremely proud of our very high Net Promoter Score of 89. (NPS survey, January 2019.)

Do you have a question about our services or a project we could help to grow further? We are always happy to hear from you!