Google Ads API

Our Google Ads API solution is an online tool that is capable of upscaling Google Ads campaigns by automating much of the manual work required to create and manage an up-to-date product inventory in Google Ads and make sure ads only appear for relevant keywords, no matter how many products there are in a webshop. Running hundreds or thousands of ads in an ROI+ way is indeed a reality.

ROIminer is capable of:

flexible and customisable mass ad text and keyword creation based on predefined rules, campaign and AdGroup structure from XML data

rules for alternative ad text (e.g. change Description Line 2 to contain “Free Shipping” if the product price is > x

campaign level CPC-bid definition

campaign structure reflects webshop category structure

multiple bidding and targeting options

keyword management and negative keywords

automatic ad upload and deletion (when products become available or go out of stock)

dynamic product price management without the need to modify ad text (use of Ad Customizers)

creation of countdown ads with the use of Ad Customizers

algorithmic conversion optimisation – changing CPC or ad status based on Google Analytics data and predefined rules

ROIminer is ideal for any mid-size and big e-commerce portals, social shopping and travelling portals, listing sites and furthermore to any website that has a large number of products/service and would like to save time advertising those in Google Ads.


More info about ROIminer can be found on the website of the service:

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