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+20% Shopping competitive advantage

Growww Digital is the first agency in Hungary and in the CEE region to receive the Google Comparison Shopping Service license. Partners within this CSS Partner Program are able to provide Shopping service at a discount rate.

More efficient campaigns, increased revenue, and optimised costs for your business!

Your Shopping spend is subject to a +20% competitive advantage.
After a record fine of 2.4 billion Euros for Google in 2017 on behalf of the EU, and the follow-up agreement in 2018, CSS service providers have a 20% competitive advantage against Google’s native Shopping campaigns within the EU countries.

We have access to a special knowledge base, which ultimately leads to better results and return on investment.

The best part is that our CSS service is fully compatible with your existing setup: there is no need to set up a new Google Ads account or to change the PPC service provider (in-house professional or agency).

What does our Shopping CSS service consist of?

  1. We set up a new Google Merchant Center (GMC) through Growww Digital’s CSS where we activate the 20% advantage. We provide you with admin-level access.
  2. You connect the new CSS-activated GMC to the existing Google Ads account. With 5 years of Google Shopping expertise and 100+ account linkings behind us, we can help with perfect timing to minimize ad impression outage.
  3. Campaigns can still be managed by your PPC specialist (in-house colleague, agency, freelancer). As a CSS provider, we only have access to the Merchant Center.

Proven expertise

Our experts have an outstanding international experience in Google Shopping. Our knowledge base is backed by half a decade of experience and 1 million Euros spent in Shopping campaigns, being the first Hungarian agency to receive Google Premier Partner badge, the first agency CSS license in the region, and numerous other professional achievements. We are also very proud of what our clients have achieved: the average year-on-year growth of Growww Digital clients has been above 80% in the last 3 years.

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To whom do we recommend the service?

Our Shopping CSS service means a significant growth in return on investment for all e-commerce players. It is especially profitable in areas where margins are shrinking, foreign competitors or increasing competition are present. In the long run, the return on investment with Shopping CSS is positive for everyone with a monthly Shopping spend above 1.000 Euros.

Those who act in time, increase market share. The use of CSS is already an industry standard in Western Europe, it is simply not profitable to advertise in some niche markets without CSS. The sooner you make use of the +20% provided by CSS, the greater competitive edge you will achieve.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a Google CSS partner?

    A Google CSS partner is in fact a price comparison site, which enables the customer to find the best price when looking for a product, and directs the buyer to the merchants’ site. Google Shopping is nothing else than Google’s own CSS service. The Google CSS Partner Program launched in order to comply with the EU anti-monopoly regulations, and enables merchants to advertise using more CSS providers, not just Google (like before). Anybody who possesses the CSS Partner badge can run Shopping advertisements (on behalf of the e-merchant it represents) and participate in Shopping campaigns. What is more, CSS Partners have a 20% price advantage when they are bidding against Google CSS. This is in the interest of Google to speed up the takeup of Shopping campaigns in every EU country it has launched.

    How long is the Google CSS program going to stay in effect?

    The CSS program is constantly evolving, and Google is very much interested in making the service as popular as possible. Unlike some allowances that were only given out in the beginning, the 20% price advantage for CSS Partners will most likely be around for a long time, which makes advertising through a Partner highly efficient.

    Advertising through a CSS Partner, how does it work?

    The CSS Partner runs Shopping campaigns on behalf of the e-merchants it represents. There are other CSS services available aside from Google’s, where e-merchants can advertise, and it is possible to advertise on multiple CSS services at the same time (however, this requires multiple Merchant Center accounts and related campaigns).

    What does it mean, and how does the 20% CPC discount work?

    Every CSS Partner receives a 20% discount on its CPC rates in Shopping campaigns in order to be competitive against Google CSS. In practice, this means that a bid of 1.6 EUR from a Partner in the course of auction has the same value as a bid of 2.0 EUR from Google CSS. The ones who advertise through Google CSS have to bid with a 25% higher bid in an auction against the ones who advertise through a CSS Partner.

    What does the 20% discount mean to me after conversions start?

    This discount is not an actual refund on CPC spending, but a bidding advantage against Google CSS. The easiest way to understand is like this: the discount has the same effect, as staying with Google CSS and raising your bid value by 25%. Your ads (through a Partner) start from a better position, participate in more auctions, and will likely achieve more impressions.

    I use the CPA/ROAS target for my campaigns, what happens then?

    If you work with a CSS Partner, you will receive the 20% price advantage with automatic bidding settings, but will have less playroom then with manual settings. In case of using manual settings, it is much more difficult to have control over actual CPC values and number of displays. Nevertheless, the discount will apply anyay, and if you do not change your CPC/ROAS setup you will earn a higher number of conversions, or earn the same amount of conversions at a better price with lower CPC/higher ROAS.

    Is it possible to test advertising via a CSS partner?

    It is possible to run testing, but it is a complicated and time-consuming process. A separate Merchant Center account has to be created through the Partner, and it has to be connected with the exact copy of the campaigns running in Google Ads. It is also worth noting that the account has no Ad Rank history yet, and CPC settings have to be adjusted in order to get a relevant test result. Two campaigns with the same set of targeted products cannot and will not run in paralell. So testing is only possible comparing before and after periods or separating products into groups. In neither case it is an apples to apples comparison.

    Most users running tests have very swiftly switched to live campings, as the advantage of advertising through a CSS Partner became obvious very quickly.

    Will you have access to my data?

    In order to provide the service, we only need access to the Merchant Center feed, we won’t receive any data from accounts and campaigns. Of course, if needed, we can offer advice related to campaigns (this requires access to the campaigns), but this is not a prerequisite and not part of the CSS service.

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