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Am I ready for growing online? This is the first question that should come to mind for every company leader before taking the first steps towards a market-based growth. László Szabó – co-founder of performance marketing agency, Growww Digital – held a presentation about the best online growth practices at Evolution 2017.

High demand and the ability to monetise. These two aspects create the core of a business’ online growth. Their simultaneous presence is essential for a quick growth in the market. For instance, a website dealing with diamonds can realise only a low demand for their goods, however, their profit on one single purchase can be relatively high. On the other hand, a website that provides lyrics may have many visitors, but it seems to be a difficult task to monetise any of them. In the case of low search volume and demand, high monetisation will not be enough to keep going. This also applies to the other pole: If you face high demand, but you are unable to monetise properly, you will be having a hard time going further.