Troubleshooting Facebook DPA

We have been using DPA for over 1.5 years, and in our experience it adds at least 10% additional revenue in case of e-commerce webshops, and is particularly effective targeting cart abandoners. That’s just one of the reasons we really like using DPA and you should try too.
Zoltán Flekács – Senior Account Manager, Growww Digital

Banner immunity. The greatest and most rapidly spreading e-condition of our time. You may also have noticed that display ads no longer or hardly can draw your attention, meaning that the condition is having a hold on you too.

Do not worry, this is not a disease, not even close to it. Relentless waves of irrelevant advertisements make us “blind” to these banners and this applies to the customers too. A poor number of leads and CTRs (Click Through Rate) are the proof for that.

How could we tackle the problem? Well, creating more and more ads will not help, obviously. Instead, we have to make BETTER ads.