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Troubleshooting Facebook DPA

We have been using DPA for over 1.5 years, and in our experience it adds at least 10% additional revenue in case of e-commerce webshops, and is particularly effective targeting cart abandoners. That’s just one of the reasons we really like using DPA and you should try too.
Zoltán Flekács – Senior Account Manager, Growww Digital

Banner immunity. The greatest and most rapidly spreading e-condition of our time. You may also have noticed that display ads no longer or hardly can draw your attention, meaning that the condition is having a hold on you too.

Do not worry, this is not a disease, not even close to it. Relentless waves of irrelevant advertisements make us “blind” to these banners and this applies to the customers too. A poor number of leads and CTRs (Click Through Rate) are the proof for that.

How could we tackle the problem? Well, creating more and more ads will not help, obviously. Instead, we have to make BETTER ads.

Deemed to Fail: Am I doing this wrong?

Performance Marketing practices that can be harmful to your business

What is the next step in my marketing plan? Can I go with the same strategy again? How do I delegate the tasks?” Should you be familiar with any of the questions above, you might be one of those companies that inspired this article. During the last 4 years, while working on large, market leader projects within Central and Eastern Europe, these concerns always raised their head.

In order to disperse the doubts, this time we are going to take a peek into the matters of objective planning, external market expansions, HR and technology in the field of performance marketing activities. We believe that these concerns can be decimated by breaking the most common Performance Marketing practices that are harmful to your business’ progression.  Let us now categorize them and put an end to common misbeliefs.

5 PPC Case Studies

Does it pay off? Isn’t it a waste of money? Will it lure clicks away from organic search results?

Over the years while working on large, market leader clients the same question arises eventually. Why should we bid on our brand name? We already rank #1 for search queries related to our brand name.

Common sense could make you believe it truly is a waste of ad budget, better spent in alignment with some other marketing goals. Advertisers with less online experience often believe that these type of ads will never pay off. Already ranking for the top results in the organic search results is a reasonable argument. They believe they are paying a lot of money for the exact same searches, cannibalizing organic results this way.

But numbers beat opinion. We unquestionably believe in results. As a consequence, when we face a challenge, we test the theories. So we did the math for you.